Dall Energy


Biomass combustion projects

Year  Client Task Status
 2016 Sindal District Heating 6 MW CHP plant Plant to be built in 2017
 2013 Sønderborg District Heating 9 MW Dall Energy biomass plant Plant in operation
 2011 Warwick Mills, USA 2 MW Dall Energy biomass plant Plant in operation 
 2010 Bogense District Heating 8 MW Dall Energy Furnace  Plant in operation
 2009 EUDP Proof of concept Dall Energy Furnace Proof of concept verified in 2010

Other activities 

 Year Client Task Status
 2016 Danish Environmental Agency Documentation of cheramic filter for removal of heavy metals Project ongoing
 2016 Holte District heating Prepare innovative biomass plant Project ongoing
2015 Hillerød District Heating Sell of 2* 2,3 MWpower ORC units (Turboden) To be commissioned 2016
 2014 EUDP Test alternative fuels in Dall Energy Furnace Project ongoing
 2014 Energinet Upscale of two-stage gasifier Project ongoing
 2013 Schaller, Austria  Dall Energy to represent Schaller in Denmark Agreement ongoing
 2013 Frederiksværk District Heating Heat pump and rebuilt of scrubber Project finished 2014
 2012 COWI A/S Consultancy about gasification in South Africa Project finished 2013
 2011 ACS Dall Energy to represent ACS in Denmark and Sweden Agreement ongoing
 2011 Danish Environmental Agency  Documentation of Dall Energy Furnace Environmental Technical Verification 2012.
 2010 Weiss Project agreement for Bogense plant Project finished 2012, Plant in operation
 2010 Ministry for research and education R&D project regarding CFD simulations of gas combustion in Dall Energy Furnace Project finished 2012
 2010 Martal district heating Sales of first Turboden-ORC unit in Denmark Plant commissioned
 2008 Energinet R&D project within gascooling Project finished 2010
 2008 Turboden  Dall Energy to be non Employee Sales Representative in Denmark Agreement ongoing











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