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Newsletter June 2015


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In the June 2015 newsletter you can read about: 

  • Extremely low emissions from the Sønderborg and Warwick plants

  • Cleaning the air with biomass

  • Two Turboden ORC units sold to Hillerød district heating Company

  • 300-400 people visited the Sønderborg plant at the official opening

  • 75 plant operators visited the Sønderborg plant 

    Dall Energy wish you all a happy summer !  


Extremely low emissions from the Sønderborg and Warwick plants

Certified emission tests have been carried out at the Dall Energy plants at Warwick Mills, USA and at Sønderborg, Denmark.

Both emission tests have verified that the Dall Energy biomass technology has extremely low emissions, even though no filters or cyclones have been installed in any of the plants.


The low emissions from the plants are achieved through the extremely low emissions from the Dall Energy Biomass Furnace. 


Cleaning the air with biomass

The Dall Energy biomass plant at Warwick Mills in New Hampshire, USA, is being used as a thermal oxidizer. The combustion air for the furnace is the exhaust air from  the factory which contains VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).

The environmental authorities require 98 % VOC destruction efficiency.

The destruction efficiency is amazing 99.8-99.9 %: The VOC content in the stack is  1-2 ppm, which is even lower than the VOC content in ambient air, which is about 5 ppm: The flue gas in the stack  is cleaner than fresh air !  Read more 
Warwick Mills runs the Dall Energy plant 24/7 even though they are closed during nights and weekends. They run the plant unattended at 10 % load outside production hours. Warwick Mills has replaced fossil oil (oil #6) with cheap local biomass and has reduced both emissions and fuel cost by approximate 200.000 USD/year. 

 Plant manager Charlie Howland in front of
the steam boilers of the plant

Hillerød district heating company is building a CHP plant with Turboden ORC units.

Dall Energy is the sales representative of Turboden in Denmark.
Hillerød district heating company is building a new biomass CHP plant with two 2,3 MW Electric ORC units from Turboden.

The new biomass plant can produce 20 MW heat and 4,6 MW power. It will be  installed during 2015 and 2016. 

The Danish legislation requires district heating companies with existing combined heat and power production to build  combined heat and power plants if they want to change to biomass. ORC technology is the preferred technology for smaller plants.  



300-400 people visited the Sønderborg plant at the official opening

Saturday June 20 was a nice and sunny day. Sønderborg district heating company had invited its costumers to see their new biomass plant.
300-400 people spent the sunny afternoon at the plant. The chairman of the district heating company, Claus Plum, and the mayor, Erik Lauritzen, gave speeches at 1 pm. The visitors were treated to musik, beer and grilled sausages during the whole afternoon.

The staff of Sønderborg district heating were stationed at different spots in the plant: biomass furnace, control room, flue gas scrubber, district heating pumps, and they explained how their new biomass plant works.

See film from open house (Danish) 

Press release from Sønderborg District Heating Company (Danish)


Mayor Erik Lauritzen spoke about the new biomass plant and the vision of Sønderborg to become CO2 neutral.


75 plant operators visited the new plant in Sønderborg

On May 27 2015, the Sønderborg District Heating Company hosted  a  meeting for 75 operators of woodchip fired plants. The meeting was organized by the Danish District Heating Association.

Erik Wolff, the managing director of Sønderborg District Heating Company, gave a warm welcome at the plant. He explained that Sønderborg District heating had chosen the Dall Energy technology because they wanted to have a plant that can operate at low load and be fuel flexible. 

In the coming two years a number of alternative fuels will be tested at the plant, including garden waste and mask from Breweries.


Erik Wolff, Managing director of Sønderborg district heating company, spoke to plant operators.


9MW Dall Energy biomass plant in Sønderborg.
The cost of the total project was 58 mio DKK. The cost of the biomass plant was 16 mio. DKK, hereof 6 mio DKK for the Dall Energy Furnace.
Photos and diagram by courtesy of Sønderborg District Heating Company