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Newsletter December 2017

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 In the December 2017 newsletter you can read about: 

  • Test of alternative fuels
  • Heat-and power plant to Sindal
  • Bluetech Award
  • Demonstration of ceramic filter

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Alternative fuels & many visits to Sønderborg

During 2017, different types of fuels was used in the plant in Sønderborg. The fuel tests included:

  • Garden waste from Denmark
  • Garden waste from France
  • Mix of manure and wood chips
  • Mix of spent grain and wood chips

The tests went well: There was some fuel-handling issues, but there was no problems with the furnace & very low emissions.  Now Dall Energy prepare a plant in France which shall produce heat from garden waste. The plant will have very low emissions (5 mg dust/m3)

Read more about the fuel tests here (Danish)

During 2017 delegations from many countries have visited the Sønderborg plant including China, USA, France, Germany, Lithuania, South America, and projects are now being prepared in several countries. 


 Mix of manure and wood chips, Sønderborg


Heat-and power plant to Sindal

The new heat-and power plant to Sindal is being built and getting ready for installation in the beginning of 2018.

During 2017 was number a of subcontracts placed in Denmark, but we also placed contracts in Italy, Germany and England.

The plant is designed for

  • Ultra low emissions (NOx: 100 mg/Nm3)
  • Garden waste as fuel
  • 20-100% load
  • 800kWe and 5 MW heat


Building for Dall Energy heat- and power plant, Sindal

Bluetech Award

The Dall Energy Furnace was selected as a future technology for China, to reduce the pollution in China.

The Award ceremony took place in Beijing, December 14, 2017

The Bluetech Award is a launched by the Clean Air Alliance of China to bring leading international clean air technologies to the front and center of figth against China´s air pollution.

During 2018 will the Bluetech Award visit Dall Energy plants and introduce Dall Energy to potential clients and partners in China.

Clean Air Alliance of China - homepage

Blue Tech Award - homepage

Blue Tech Award - Dall Energy diplom


Jens Dall recieve the Bluetech Award, Beijing

Demonstration of ceramic filter

Liqtech A/S, Vestervig Fjernvarmen and Dall Energy have demonstrated and documented a new filter technology for condensate water based ceramic filters. The removal efficiency of particles & heavy metals was very good.

Full report kan be downloaded here (Danish)