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Newsletter December 2016


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In the December 2016 newsletter you can read about: 

  • Dall Energy heat-and power plant to Sindal

  • Dall Energy in Central America

  • Alternativ fuels

  • Bogense have the cheapest heating on Funen  

  • Dall Energy Furnace get top-grades

 Dall Energy wish you all a Merry Christmas!   



Dall Energy heat-and power plant to Sindal

In 2017 will Dall Energy deliver a complete heat- and power plant to Sindal District heating company. The plant will produce 5 MW heat and 800 kW electricity and comprise: A crane, multifuel feeder, multifuel-gasifier, low emission afterburner, thermal oil system, ORC unit, scrubber system and chimney.

The plant is designed so emissions will be extremely low : 100 mg NOx, 10-20 mg dust, 0-5 mg CO.

Read more (Danish)

orc diagram


Dall Energy in Central America

In 2017 will the first Dall Energy Furnace be built in Central America. Dall Energy will deliver the feeder system and the ash system and assist our partners with design of the rest of the plant and commissioning. 
The plant will produce 4 MW electricity.


Alternativ fuels

The Dall Energy plant in Sønderborg has been fed with various types of fuels during 2016: The tests have included : fibres from biomass plants, Spent grain, garden wastes. 
Read more here : Udvidet Brændsels Sortiment (Danish)

Bogense have the cheapest heating on Funen   

Less than 5 years after a Dall Energy multifuel furnace was installed in Bogense, the heating price has been lowered two times, and now Bogense have the cheapest district heating on Funen.

See also article in "Fyens Stiftstidende": Fyns billigste varme i rørene (Danish)

The plant in Bogense was a demonstration plant supported by EUDP: Demonstration af en ny type multibrændselsovn (Danish)



Dall Energy Furnace get top-grades


The Danish Environmental Agency have sponsored a measuring program of three Dall Energy furnaces. The program confirms that the Dall Energy Furnace is not just flexible - it also offers some really good combustion properties and ultra low emissions.

Read more (in Danish): 

Download report

News on Danish Environmental Agency homepage

Article in Biopress


9MW Dall Energy biomass plant in Sønderborg.