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Biomass gasification may become a key technology in the future energy market.
Electricity, biofuels and heat can be produced with high efficiency by use of biomass gasification.
Several different biomass gasification technologies are under development, aiming at different applications and markets. For many applications, such as gas turbines, gas engines, synthesis processes as well as fuel cells, it is important that the produced gas is cooled and cleaned.


Evaporative cooling in gasifiers

Dall Energy proposes a new simple and reliable solution to cooling product gas in biomass gasifiers.
In our solution, the product gas is cooled by use of evaporative cooling.


The cooling is done by injection of water droplets into the hot gas. As water has high evaporation energy, the gases are cooled effectively, while the water evaporates.


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Principle diagram of gasification plant with evaporative cooler

Two stage gasification 

 Power and heat can be produced from a biomass gasification as the biomass can be converted into gas which then is used in a gas engine which produces power and heat.

The "two-stage gasification" process has been developed in Denmark and now a demontration project is being prepared in Hillerød.

Weiss A/S is the contractor.
Dall Energy and COWI A/S are consultants.
DTU-Risoe is University partner.

Download a short description of the project here.

Principle diagram of the two stage gasification system