Dall Energy
Consultancy & design

Dall Energy

provides innovative solutions for biomass based energy plants


Latests news:

September 2014:  Extented use of biomass

August 2014: Main components installed in Sønderborg plant.

June 2014: 2 MW plant in USA in operation

Marts 2014: Building of 9 MW Dall Energy in Sønderborg has started

January 2014: Heating Price in Bogense among the very lowest heating prices in Denmark

October 2013: Dall Energy was featured in CNN International Thursday october 24, 10 p.m. in Quest Means Business.




Dall Energy:

  • design and engineer solutions for Biomass Plants 
  • co-operates with universities, research institutes and industrial partners
  • has developed and patented new biomass technologies
  • brings new technologies from other companies to the Danish market.



Dall Energy Technologies

Dall Energy designs, engineers, demonstrates and patents new biomass technologies.
The technologies are designed to meet the demands of costumers and the legislations: fuel flexibility, low emissions, high efficiency, simple operation, low maintenance costs.

The technologies are brougth to the market with partners through license agreements or other partnering models.

The Dall Energy Technologies include:


Envorimental Technology Verification 

Dall Energy´s new technology is proved to be the best solutions for Biomass driven plants. Download Verification to verify test results.


Envorimental Technology Verification 



Representations in Denmark

When other companies have new and improved technologies, Dall Energy can make an agreement with the company to promote and sell the technologies in Danmark.

Currently our representations include:



Consultancy and design

Our consultancy includes:

  • Technical evaluations
  • Feasibility studies
  • Research & Demonstration projects

Our design includes:

  • Biomass combustion and gasification processes
  • Gas coolers
  • Gas scrubbers








Dall Energy have recieved prestigious awards for our technologies and entreprenourship:

  • Inventor of the Year 2011
  • Clean Tech price 2011
  • Innovation price 2010
  • DBDH Member of the Year 2009

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