Dall Energy

Dall Energy

Innovative biomass plants 

Dall Energy engineer and implement new biomass technologies 
Our solutions are designed to meet the demands of customers: 
  • fuel flexibility
  • low emissions
  • high turndown ratio
  • high efficiency
  • simple operation
  • low maintenance costs

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October 2018:Article about Sindal plant in HOT-COOL 

September 2018: Sindal plant in operation 

May 2018: Dall Energy win Horizon 2020 contract for project with Dalkia in France 

May 2018: Dall Energy in Maskinmesteren

February 2018: The low emission fuel flexible biomass furnace of Dall Energy has been selected as a “bioenergy success story” by the International Energy Agency. 

December 2017: Dall Energy win Blue Tech Award

June 2017: Breaking Grounds in Sindal

April 2017: Dall Energy make agreement with Vækstfonden (Growth fund)
August 2016: Bogense have cheapest heat on Funen 

December 2015 : Dall Energy in New York Times: Web. Paper.

April 2015: Very low emissions from Sønderborg plant.

October 2014: Very low emissions from plant in USA


Dall Energy featured in Quest Means Business in CNN International




Dall Energy Solutions

Our Solutions include:

Our Award winning Multifuel and Low Emission Furnace combines updraft gasification and gas combustion.


In the bottom part, the solid fuel is converted into a burnable gas and fine ash. In the top layer, the fuel is dried and pyrolyzed.


Hereby several advantages are achieved: The plant becomes simpler and cheaper, the emissions are reduced and the furnace can regulate between 10-100%.






Three Dall Energy plants in operation

The first Dall Energy plant was an 8 MW heat only plant built in 2011 in Bogense, Denmark.

The second plant was a 2 MW plant at the factory Warwick Mills, USA. The plant use VOC loaded air as combustion air and therefor do the plant function as "Thermal oxidizer". Further do the plant supply steam to the factory. See film.

The third plant was a 9 MW heat only plant in Sønderborg, Denmark. 

All three plants have extreamly low emissions, even though no cyclone, bag-filter or ESP has been installed.


Representations in Denmark
When other companies have new and improved technologies, Dall Energy can make an agreement with the company to promote and sell the technologies in Danmark.